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Gentry (from Old French genterie, from gentil, "high-born, noble") are "well-born, genteel and well-bred people" of high social class, especially in the past. Gentry, in its widest connotation, refers to people of good social position connected to landed estates (see manorialism), upper levels of the clergy, and "gentle" families of long descent who in some cases never obtained the official ... Audi q5 codes
The headright system began in the colony of Jamestown in 1618 as an attempt to solve labor shortages due to the advent of the tobacco economy, which required large plots of land with many workers. The disproportion that existed between the amount of land available and the population led to a situation with a low supply of labor, resulting in ...

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NASA Images Solar System Collection Ames Research Center Brooklyn Museum Full text of " The South in the Building of the Nation: A History of the Southern States Designed to Record the ...

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House of Burgesses, representative assembly in colonial Virginia, an outgrowth of the first elective governing body in a British overseas possession, the Virginia General Assembly. The General Assembly was established at Jamestown on July 30, 1619, and included the governor, a council, and 22 burgesses (delegates).

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Wars and fights broke out, and a labor shortage called for a change in system to the headright system. Propriety Rule Proprietary rule was unpopular in South Carolina almost from the start, mainly because propertied immigrants to the colony hoped to monopolize fundamental constitutions of Carolina as a basis for government.

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the headright system adopted for the Virginia colony consisted of: became a royal colony in 1624, a british court dissolved the struggling virginia company, and virginia

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How did the Virginia Company reshape the colony's development? A) It instituted the headright system, giving fifty acres of land to each colonist who paid for his own or another's passage. B) It fired John Smith and brought in a more popular leader. C) It gave control back to the king, who straightened out its problems.

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In 1624 King James I of England made Virginia the first royal colony. He revoked the Virginia Company’s charter and appointed a royal governor and council, and established a House of Burgesses elected by the settlers. Despite fights with the Powhatan confederacy (about 350 settlers died in one attack in 1622), the Virginia colony began to ...

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Captain John Smith was a soldier and writer who is best known for his role in establishing the Virginia colony at Jamestown, England's first permanent colony in North America. A farmer's son, Smith was a soldier of fortune in Europe before he joined the Virginia Company of London expedition of 1606–1607.

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Colonial Massachusetts had a system of government in which they elected their governors under self-governing rule. The 13 Colonies asked the Continental Congress to direct the war and Congress, unexpectedly, became the governing body of North America.

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Bacon's Rebellion can be attributed to a myriad of causes, all of which led to dissent in the Virginia colony. Economic problems, such as declining tobacco prices, growing commercial competition from Maryland and the Carolinas, an increasingly restricted English market, and the rising prices from English manufactured goods (mercantilism) caused ...

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