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Answer: Use a test light to check fuses. Make sure the A/C CLU fuse in the under hood box is good, swap the A/C CLU relay with another one in the box. If it worked before he tried to test your wires, he may have done something wrong. With the van and the A/C on, check the Dark Green wire with a test light connected to a good ground. It should light. Ihss proof of employment
Check the ac clutch relay, check to see if the relay works and then check the relay control signal, probably a ground controlled circuit. Reply. Billy says:

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Clutch on compressor is not turning. Did not want to charge the system if there is refrigerant at the correct level. Checked the fuse and it is good. Hello, The a/c clutch will not engage when I turn the air on. My dad and I have figure out there is not power traveling from the control panel to the clutch.

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The AC compressor relay is responsible for supplying power to the AC compressor and clutch. Without this relay, the AC compressor will not have power and the AC system will not function. The AC compressor relay is no different then other electrical relays - its electrical contacts will eventually wear or burn out, and the relay must be replaced .

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According to the tech manual, the next step is to put a 1/4 can of freon into the system, then test if the clutch will engage. However, I felt like if I'm at a low coolant level on a car that's only 3 years old, there must be a leak so I did not use any of the r-121a. Instead, I shorted the clutch relay in the underhood fuse box.

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I swapped the AC clutch relay with the AC condensor fan relay and it fixed the problem...other than the fact that the passenger side radiator fan (condensor fan) Same cable can be used to test the relay socket in the electrical box by removing the relay and cross connecting position 1 and 2. Which relays did you check...

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I have searched for eight hours to find the location of the AC compressor clutch actuating relay. The manual is wrong, the cover plate at driver side...

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Disconnect the A/C clutch relay from the underhood electrical center 2. Turn ON the ignition leaving the engine OFF. Probe the ignition feed circuit at the A/C relay terminal (switch side of relay) with the test lamp J 34142-B to a ground. Refer to Probing Electrical Connectors in Wiring Systems.

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AIR CONDITIONING – MAGNETIC CLUTCH RELAY AC–107 AC MAGNETIC CLUTCH RELAY ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION 1. INSPECT MAGNET CLUTCH RELAY (a) Check the resistance. (1) Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between the terminals. Standard resistance If the result is not as specified, replace the relay. Ohmmeter Battery I100429E01 Tester Connection ...

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Here is how this circuit works. This circuit has one relay, a refrigerant pressure switch, and a micro switch. The micro switch is a W O T or wide open throttle switch used to disengage the compressor clutch during wide open throttle conditions. How To Test A Relay And The Relay Circuit.

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I have searched for eight hours to find the location of the AC compressor clutch actuating relay. The manual is wrong, the cover plate at driver side...

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Toyota Corolla 99 03 Ac Clutch Not Engaging Ac Clutch Relay Not ... 2010 2019 Toyota 4runner Interior Fuse Check 2015 Toyota 4runner

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